f you are a renter, be alert there are many obstacles waiting ahead of you. Landlords are full of nightmares and are just ready to make your living hell. You are always in a situation to win his trust despite his strange behavior. It becomes your helplessness to be fake so that landlord can find you a trustworthy person and you get the affordable houses for rent after so many efforts. No landlord will ever want you, but they need you. They need you to earn some more or to pay their mortgage or to help them retire early. But they don’t need you to come around and damage their premise or break any asset. Here is how you can be the best renter in the eye of the landlord:

•    Prepare for the interview- face to face apartment viewing session

The day you visit to see the apartment for rent its seem like an interview. It is the situation where you have to crack the interview and get the job (apartment for rent). Here you are interviewing the landlord or property management company, and they are the interviewer. If they find you the best candidate, you will be selected on-spot for the job (renter). Any minor mistake in this process whether in your body language, nature or character and be ready for the consequence-move on to the next property.

Tip- You don’t have to be dressed like attending any wedding but at least don’t dressed up like a homeless, it will leave a negative impression on landlord mind.

•    Maintain a solid credit score

Anyone can build up a good score once he becomes 18 years old. Make sure you always pay the due bills before the last date. Your updated bill payment habit represents you as a trustworthy person in the eye of a landlord.

Remember, if you have any bad score ever in the previous history you will have to face many complications and chances are won’t get an apartment for rent you want.

•    Move-in etiquette

Once you have been finalized for the apartment, start planning immediately how you move. Creating any mess or disturbance leave you on a matter of doubt. Try not to create any sort of inconvenience for neighbours. Plan your move-in accordingly or can start early in the morning when nobody is in the hustle.

And finally, the most important thing to consider when communicating with your tenant is some form of compassion and decency in the talk. Being a landlord is a people business at the end of the day. While you have to be little polite and patient when needed, make sure you’re also treating them with respect and dignity. You’d be surprised how a little kindness can be fruitful for you long way.

How To Repair Your Credit For Buying A Home With Bad Credit?

Most of us aspire to own a home despite of any complication. We love the thought of being able to decorate our own home sweet home beautifully. We start seeing this idealized place as our only shelter in hard times. Unfortunately, for many of us, buying a home is an impossible prospect and the only drawback is victimized to ‘bad credit’. This is the only complication which create obstacle when trying to buying a home with bad credit– big deal to concern about.

Credit score have a crucial or can say important role in home buying process. Its how mortgage lenders determine your ability to borrow responsibly and most importantly pay back loan on time without intimidation. A high credit score not only qualify you for loan but will also exaggerate more scope for mortgage options. But poor credit score do worse with you where it eliminate your option to even apply for loan or consider buying a home.

Let’s discuss how you can improve your credit score to get back into the right track.

Ways to improve your credit score

If you are unable to get approved for a home loan, its high time to improve your bad credit housing for rent and turn it to good at least eligible range for having house. If you are rejected just because you are lacking somewhere in credit history, there are few ways you can still shine and get your loan approved by showing a history of responsible repayment:

If you have credit but its just that you ever had a terrible financial past, still there are ways you can improve your credit score and prove yourself credible. Here are those ways which you need to follow stringently without any further mistakes:

To frame the whole narration in short, never spend or borrow anything more than your ability to pay back and make sure if you have purchased anything on credit, pay it before the last payment date. While it might take some time but at least you can stand ‘able’ to the eyes of lender and that’s what exactly matters! find new rent to own listings here

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